Future Features

We're always looking for new ways to serve the community. Golf web sites have always been generally closed in regards to their data. We intend to take things into the modern age where data serves everyone. Below you'll see what we have in store and how we plan to expand our services.

In addition to the descriptions, we'll give regular updates on the status of these projects. Also, let us know if you have any suggestions.

What goes around comes around

Karma comes in many colors. In the near future you'll be able to decide the fate of edits and changes to the courses you love in order to reward the bloke that did it, or punish the chump that messed things up. The point system will help us determine who and what to promote on the site, and likewise, what to downvote into oblivion.
Status: Karma for site edits is working. Still to come: voting on edits.

Badges and achievements

Yes, you need stinkin' badges. We all like to have a pat on the back to let us know we're heading in the right direction and making progress. We're going to implement a system to help people get started, and make you sparkle for being a Rock Star!

Course ratings and classification

Let me tell you a story about the course I played last week. No, really, it was awesome! Want to share your stories, give feedback, and let others know what to expect? We'll have that.

Score keeping and stats

What's a golf course database without the ability to track your scores, get simulated handicap ratings, and track the progress of your game? We'll let you store all of that here and give you tips on where you can improve and show you what you're doing right.

One API to rule them all

What good is all this data if you can't use it? Want to integrate OpenStrokes with your web site or app? We're going to provide free and paid levels of access to the database through a well defined API.

Yardage books

The Pro's use them on every round. You've seen them, but they're about as protected as Fort Knox. We want to bring the yardage book to the common golfer. We'll be developing a dead simple way of creating yardage books on our site and sharing them with others. Rate them, download them, print them out, and use them to show up your foursome at the Myrtle Beach outing this spring.

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